Kore celebrates 5 years


Kore celebrated its 5 year anniversary yesterday.

I started hacking on Kore in April 2013 because I wanted to have an easy to use platform for doing webapps in C. At the time there were a few libraries out there that tried solving this problem but the biggest gripe I had with those was exactly that, they were libraries.

Additionally none of libraries seemed too concerned about code quality or writing C that wasn't full of classic security pitfalls.

I wanted a platform where I wouldn't constantly have to reinvent the wheel with regards to managing workers processes or being able to have on-the-fly reloading of the application logic or even having to worry about whether or not my box would get owned.

Out of that basic idea - the idea that a secure-by-default C web platform would make my life easier - Kore spawned.

The initial Kore commit:

commit 857c3f91214120e7a54062f12c303e41972250b2
Author: Joris Vink 
Date:   Wed Apr 17 22:34:27 2013 +0200

    first commit

In the last 5 years things like support for automatic parameter validation, fully asynchronous postgresql queries, a separate key manager process, Python page handlers, the addition of the kodev tool and more have really made Kore shine as a web platform that I love hacking on and with.

But one thing I have never done is actually write about how it can be used or what I do with it. I have always just hacked on Kore for myself without writing anything.

I decided that I am going to do just that.

This is why I am introducing a blog series about how I use Kore, the design decisions behind Kore and much more.

So stay tuned.


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